What Makes Democracy the Purest


How direct democracy stands in this regard

The most heated word of discussion, which many intellectuals and academicians also stand up for, is none other than the word politics. One may either speak in introducing certain reforms, or making certain changes to the already existing rule, but always accepts its existence and its subsistence for the many more years to come. But is it necessary? No matter if it’s some politician, academician, statesman, intellectual, journalist, everyone seems to be obsessed with this word. They all speak bluntly, and critically of it. But they all want it to exist. People fail to recognize this basic tenet, that politics need not just be reformed for the sake of a good democracy, but as long as politics exist, there cannot be a democracy in its truest form.

Democracy is one of the greatest gifts to mankind by the Greeks, Athenians. And it has been talked about by every great philosopher of that time, like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Solon, Ephialtes, etc. And the common word that they use is a republic, not politics. 

The American constitution, which is one of the greatest constitutions ever produced, consisting of every human right in just a shot piece of document. The founding fathers must have thought a bit differently at that time. They chose representative democracy over a direct one because at that time they had the fear of majority taking over the charge of the entire document. They had a vision bigger than that. They wanted the intelligence of the masses to take over the little bit of politics, that they let it there. But today America’s elections have just been reduced to a political exercise, as it is all over the world.

Even India, which claims itself to conduct the biggest democratic exercise every year, is far from an intelligent democratic setup, unseen by all.

The biggest factor, the most valuable quality which is required for a democracy to function in its proper form is none other than the modern people, with their values and ideologies suited for the 21st century. Even a little hint of regressive attitude and illiteracy can spoil the whole structure of democracy.

One man begging for votes from a group of people is not democracy. But when a group of people pursues a man to hold the chair and do the work for them, as they consider him to be capable and completely qualified for the job. That is when democracy starts to get pure.

Switzerland has set a good example of direct democracy. But the same will be dangerous for the rest of the countries. Because they do not acquire yet, what it takes to do the same. Finland, Norway, Sweden are some of the countries which have shown good form of representative democracies. But still, the USA is yet to show its finest. Despite being the most powerful and developed nation, its leaders have been examples of the greatest politicians, not the finest administrators.

Finland has set a precedent by doing something unprecedented, with a female Prime Minister and a cabinet comprising of women. It can only be possible where politics has the least touch upon the system.

We need to rethink about the democratic values and come up with some amendments to what we consider to be a good democracy.

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