VIRAT KOHLI: The Poet of Cricket


If someone throws me a challenge of watching cricket for days together and do nothing else, then I would take it, given the condition of choosing the player I would go for. And without hesitating for a second, my only choice would be none other than Virat Kohli. Not that there are not any other names available, but to survive days, there’s only one name that could help me. Because who doesn’t like to read poetry? Or read a nice novel. Or watch a movie that is a complete cinematic artwork. And his shots carry the elegance of an artistic masterpiece. When I watch Virat Kohli bat, it’s unlike any other batsman in the world. The former master Sachin Tendulkar also had the same magic in his batting style. And Virat has pretty successfully carried on the torch. Given the history of aesthetics and beauty of this nation, these batters of the soil seem to have taken a bit of that in their strokes as well.


Yes! The cover drive. When someone is choosing the best possible words to describe the genius, one cannot miss the trademark cover drive. Every inch of the body shapes perfectly when ViratKohli takes a leap forward to hit one of his most outstanding creations. I would take this liberty of calling this shot as his creation. Because no one else creates it the way he does. With his glorious bend, he stands tall when he plays this shot.

His records are scintillating and simply cannot be compared with any other batsman. And the way he is going, he could be become the greatest run getter in the history of cricket.

Captaincy issues

Though his records suggest that he has been quite successful as a captain, still there are many views whether he has the temper of handling the most important job. The modern day cricket witnesses some of the closest contests of cricket and it is often debatable sometimes that a calm character is more suitable for the limited overs game. Yet his aggressive attitude has helped him chase down pretty good scores, but still he has yet to prove that this attitude still works by winning an ICC trophy. Sometimes it can prove to be lethal for the team as well if the rest of the teammates are not susceptible enough to adapt to this aggressive gameplay.

On the other when it comes to test cricket, without any doubt Virat’s attitude is quite suitable for the game. If test cricket has to survive, one has to keep the atmosphere burning with his intensity.

In today’s cricketing world which has undergone immense change in terms of technique and technology both, comparison is the most futile activity that one can do outside the field. Many questions are raised in batting style of batsmen as well in test cricket- their technique not being up to the mark. Well, these days a player has to adjust himself to the multi-faceted aspects of the game. So he has to maintain an all-round version of himself. And nonetheless it’s best for test cricket as well, if it has to be kept alive being the best version of the game, then batting scores coming down and close contests is the only way to do that. Bowlers do face the wrath in limited overs cricket. Give them a little respite at least.

And in his own words Viratkohli also thinks the same way about test cricket “To me Test cricket will always be the pinnacle of cricket”

The world has seen of the best of cricket in Virat kohli- the best of Virat Kohli is still there to come.

Comments to VIRAT KOHLI: The Poet of Cricket

  • You have a very interesting take on his captaincy. I personally agree with you in terms of his aggressive mentality being a boon for Test Cricket, as he doesn’t just go for the draw but for the win.

    Kunal Saraf August 12, 2020 6:10 am Reply
  • Complleing article about Kohli. being a fan, loved your writing.

    muskaan kashyap August 29, 2020 10:08 am Reply

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