The joy of Travelling: Walking the trails of Kinnaur


The journey outward and the journey inward are not very different from each other. The way we tread our steps is the secret which directs the outcome of our destination. And the destination is not predestined, but flowers as a result of the seed sown at the time of our journey. Hence I keep my travelling mantra to be one step at a time. Not looking ahead and not tilting behind, keeping it to the ground.

Uncertainty, insecurity, risk, are some of the key words that goes along with one’s journey. You just cannot get rid of them, and if you plan to avoid them then it cannot be called as a journey, it is a mere travel without the essence of travelling.

When it comes to the word adventure, I cannot ignore the book and I recommend this to everyone who wish to embark on one, that is Courage: the joy of living dangerously by Osho. He perfectly defines the word adventure as a love affair with the unknown. One has to leave behind the known in quest for the unknown. And thus begins the journey. One can easily go astray but that is the beauty of it. That is how one reaches the right door by knocking on the wrong ones first.

The journey that is taken on foot is incomplete unless it gives a new vision to the life. And when I undertake one I let it go full stream to know the lengths to which it can take me to. It has to be in a way that defies the outer boundaries and let my inner fears smoke away never to be seen again. Somewhere in the air they disperse, and so do I. That’s when I know that this journey is a damn journey and not just a journey. The one that leaves, leaves behind the one that was before to return as the one who is unlike the one that ever existed before.

This is how I travel. Leaving no trails, no footsteps along the way; just like a free bird floating among the clouds in the sky. Not in a hurry to reach, and not too slow either to lag behind, in my own monotony, one step at a time.

Kinnaur: The roof of Himachal

The first Mughal emperor Babar, when he looked at Kashmir and its view, he was mesmerized to say,” I don’t believe in the idea of heaven, but if it exists then it must look like this.” And then he became the first invader to actually settle on this land. And it’s quite true of Kashmir. But due to some unfortunate scenario over there, the view has lost some viewers. But if one has to look for another unforeseen destination, then I give you another name, and believe me it’s something you’ll understand when you reach the peaks of Kinnaur. You just need to have a little heart, actually a little more than a little heart, to travel this side. Once you reach here, and settles your heart beat that you actually have, then open your eyes and just have a peek at those hefty peaks.

While in Kinnaur, you don’t just get a view, but you live surrounded by these rocky-mountains, the terrain is nothing but that.

Let me present a little peek:

when the words surmise to express what feels inside,

when the eyes shy away to tell the story of a dream paradise,

when the ears no more hear but the silent melodies of the mountains,

where the air comes with a tinge of incense,

where the body feels not as mere skin, but a light of some mystical sphere

then it’s time to let the hands free and touch the sky,

let the legs move with the highest leap that you can take,

let the voice gale with the cheer of a lifetime,

and happily yell from the peak I am in Kinnaur.

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