The Greatest Test Cricket Matches Ever Played


If you seek your adrenaline to pump up and give you some experience that can highly boost you up, then it’s not always necessary to climb a mountain or jump off a cliff. You can create that atmosphere sitting in your room. Just turn on cricket. It’s no different than that.

Nowadays day people mostly like to watch t20 cricket. Test cricket seems boring to most of them and they don’t think that it can be as exciting as the short ball format. But I’ll tell you that it can be way more interesting than that. Test cricket builds up slowly, but when it reaches the climax it just bursts up with everything there is to see in cricket.

Just like that list of movies which can bend and twist your mind, makes your bodies curl, these 5 test matches can simply blow you away. If you plan on following this lead and go for test cricket, these are the must watch games that just raised the level of cricket.

  1. AUSTRALIA V ENGLAND ashes 2005 2nd test match at Edgbaston, Birmingham

If you want to find out a synonym for test cricket, Ashes is the one. And it has to be the first on the list. This game just went out of the park, better than all the hits combined in t20 cricket. Ashes itself is a treat to watch, but this game ensured that it lives up to its name. England won this game by 2 runs, and that itself tells the tale how jaw dropping the match would have been when a test game ends with a side winning by a margin of 2 runs. It was a time when all the Aussie greats like Mcgrath, Lee, Ponting, Warne, Hayden played together. England was a balanced side with Flintoff adding fresh life and exuberance to the side. And all these greats put on an absolute spectacle for the viewers to watch.

  • INDIA V AUSTRALIA 2nd Test, Australia tour of India at Kolkata, Mar 11-15 2001

Now it comes to India. This game just turned the tables for India and established it as a dominant cricketing side for the world to see. So many things happened. India played follow on. VVS Laxman’s knock of 281- the classic that will ever be remembered by every cricket fan, Rahul Dravid’s 180, Harbhajan Singh’s 6 wickets in the 2nd Australian innings. And then India cruising to the victory. One heck of a test match and a must see game.

  • AUSTRALIA V ENGLAND 3rd Test, Headingley Ashes 2019

If you missed this game, you’ve missed all. You don’t even have to be a cricket watcher, or I shall say you need know cricket at all, but still got to watch this game. What a great Test cricket match it was. Ben Stokes is the name you need to remember. Because that’s all there is to this match. Just one name. He played like a freak to take his team over the ropes. England might have failed to retain the Ashes, but this game showed us why Ashes is the best series in Test cricket. Jack Leach’s glasses is the 2nd best thing that came out of this Test match. Nathan Lyon’s missed run out chance, Tim Paine’s bad review and many more. England never had a chance, but as long as Ben Stokes is there, nothing can be said. And he pulled off a miracle. This cannot be said to be a Test match- a Headingley miracle.

  • INDIA V AUSTRALIA test match at Mohali 2010

India v Australia games are a treat to watch. And so was this game. And one more time VVS Laxman was at the centre of all the drama. He is very very special in the eyes of the Australians for a reason, because he always stood there. No matter what the scorecard, what the situation, he just wouldn’t leave. Battling back spasms, calling for a runner, chasing 216 when India was down to 125/8 on a tough Mohali surface. And still they emerged victorious in the end. A perfect game for the cricket lovers.

  • AUSTRALIA V WEST INDIES 4th test match 2003 at Antigua Recreation Ground, St. John’s Antigua

Another marvel of a Test Match. And a pretty heated one too. West Indies were just determined not to lose. And they didn’t give up. They had to chase of what turned out to be the highest successful run chase in test cricket, a target of 418. Mcgrath was all riled up, a few nasty exchanges with Shiv Chanderpaul. It was a battle to watch and easily one of the top Test matches. Both Sarwan and Chanderpaul scored centuries and took West Indies over the line. If you watch these games, you’ll forget everything about the fast paced t20 games of cricket. Test cricket is the best format of the game and these matches prove the same. A feeling of great joy arises after watching these games as they just bring out the best in cricket. Do check out all these games.

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