The counter culture of the Hippies and their destinations in India


When we pronounce this word, it seems like an expression of joy, “Hippy.” And that’s exactly how it fits. The counter cultural revolution that sparked off all over Europe and America not just changed the status quo of the world, but also gave it a completely new direction, a life different from what people have been living up until now. And what a time it was. Those hippies travelling all around in their fancy buses with bushy beards and long hairs; singing, dancing, celebrating, and embracing a new life with a new culture. It’s quite a pity that India failed to produce hippies, but that’s the plight of a poor nation. It cannot afford to have hippies. But it was quite a time for the entire world. So many new things happening. The rock, pop culture. This hippy movement revolutionized everything from music to love, it stirred the dead soul of the worldly life. It brought into the picture the bohemian way of doing things.

And many of these hippies traveled to India. Now India might not have been interested in such a life at that time, but it has been a land of the hippies. It has produced the best of them-Shiva, Buddha, if you look at their lives they are kind of hippies. And that touch attracted the hippies to India. It has so many beautiful destinations. And they were looking for some mystical, spiritual experience and where to find it other than here. Here’s some places which can be called to be hippy destinations. They can still be found there:

  1. Goa

When someone thinks of planning a trip, the first name that comes to the mind is Goa. And it has been one of the most popular hippie destinations in India. This was also one of the first places that the hippies visited. With the beach and of course the booze attracted them. And every collegian wants to travel to goa on a trip. It really is a place to be if you like to relax and let the boo-hoos inside of you out. And it’s the foremost hippie destination. If you want to locate such places and like to visit, Goa is definitely the first of them.

2. Hampi, Karnataka

Another beautiful place and a very frequent destination for hippies is this place known as Hampi in Karnataka. And if you like to travel, it is one of the best sites for a backpacker. And it’s quite rich historically as well. During the Vijaynagar empire circa 1500 AD, this city was considered to be one of the largest cities in the world. And the remains, the architecture is just astounding there. Hampi is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Situated in the shadowed depth of hills and valleys in the state of Karnataka, this place is a historical delight for travellers. Surrounded by 500 ancient monuments, beautiful temples, bustling street markets, bastions, treasury building and captivating remains of Vijayanagar Empire.

3.Pushkar, Rajasthan

Another amazing place and the renowned Pushkar fair is a delight to watch. A very popular place for the hippies and a lot of          them live there as well. And there’s another community known as the gypsies live there as well. Gypsies are the people who moved from India to Europe and thus got the name gypsies. A moving community and a great adventure to be with them. Do not miss out this destination if you are on a hippie trip. You can find a lot of interesting things on the way.

4. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Now it comes to the top of the mountains, the ever green, ever beautiful Himachal Pradesh. But the upper part of Himachal is the most beautiful and enjoyable one. And one of the most popular destinations for the general folk and the hippies is Manali. You can find many foreigners living there engaged in various creative activities like painting, crafting sculptures, making pottery, doing yoga, meditations. It’s a delight to be in this heavenly place. Though due to increasing population and irresponsible behavior of people towards the environment, slowly the beauty of every beautiful place is receding. But still the nature somehow keeps everything in balance. And in Manali you can see the balance of beauty.

There are some other honorable mentions too that are some great hippie destinations as well. You can find the list here. And you plan on a trip, so not miss on these adventurous places or else trip is no trip at all.

5. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

6. Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Malana Himachal

When it comes to adventure, trips, you just cannot miss Himachal Pradesh. You will forget everything about the scintillating beaches when you visit and get touched by the solitude of the mountains. And especially for your hippie journey, just put that as the first destination.

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