The Arnab Goswami Conundrum


This is one man who has been the center of attraction for the entire nation. Everyone follows him, for different reasons. He has made people laugh like no one else, with a possible exception of Rahul Gandhi. He has made people angry. He’s made them want to slap him, kill him, abuse him. He’s done everything possible except that one thing which he claims himself to be- journalism.

And recently another name got associated with him. And he claims himself to be a comedian. Though most of his comedy acts come in the form of words that he tries to adjust in between the abuses that are used to impress the public and garner larger attention (pretty much like politicians).

And the latest incident is the scuffle between the two. It could have been the end of the world. Or maybe it was saved somehow this time. If next time, these two ever meet on a plane, it would mean the apocalypse. So karma thought that this golden opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. So he decided to make full use of it, by throwing it at Arnab. But Arnab ignored him, as he was busy watching some Netflix thing (usually the best way to ignore people). So that’s what happened. And then Kamra was banned from a couple of airlines for his behavior.

But on a serious note, a couple of things need to be considered without taking any sides:

Arnab Goswami coined a term for the “liberals” of India- pseudo-liberals. And probably that’s the only thing I ever agree with him. People who claim themselves to be liberals in this country are not in reality. And it can be easily seen from their behavior, their language. They allege the use of foul language by the right-wing, but they are not behind in using the same vocabulary. And then their secularism is not hidden from anyone. It has to be two-way traffic. But it feels like they try to keep their Muslim support alive by not criticizing their backward practices. Hindus are still very backward too, it’s actually by law that they were uplifted a bit. And it’s no doubt that the Hindu priests keep the public entangled in superstitions and backward practices. But the same applies to the Maulanas as well. If someone is a true liberal, he’ll point out the flaws of every religion, because he doesn’t subscribe to any one of them. And a liberal is someone who is very calm and composed, but these liberals use the same vulgar and abusive language just like any other politician. So in the name of liberalism, what they practice is hypocrisy.

Coming to this incident, I know it’s not very civil and decent to behave like this on a plane, but the other person was Arnab Goswami. He deserved it. He has brought so much disrepute to the noble profession of journalism. Probably this was the only way to question him a little because on his debates he never even allows the other person to speak. And Kunal Kamra himself said that he won’t get this opportunity again. And by the standards of Arnab’s debate shows, that doesn’t even amount to harassing. He is a disgrace in the name of journalism. And if this is the only way of giving it back to him, even a little bit, then be it, nothing wrong.

In this country, there is just fanaticism, the right type and the left type (both are not very different). Liberals are the only hope, who give a new vision to this country, with their modern mindset. But the sad reality is, that they are no good than their counterparts. They escape from one type of hardcore mentality and get stuck on their own. We need a liberal nation, that’s the only way to progress, but that liberal should be real-liberal, not pseudo-liberal.

This country needs liberals, not just the name, but people who have the quality of being a liberal. Someone who rises above the limits of all religions, and think about humans, the progressive ideas, and is not afraid to criticize the bad practices, no matter what the religions are, or what the culture is, or what the nation is.

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