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What a time it has been? What shocking year this 2020 is turning out to be? Who would have thought to be in the midst of such a thing not seen by generations? But that’s how it is. People have to go through several things during this lockdown. Some are encountered by boredom for the first time, while some can be struck emotionally as well. It can send anyone in a dizzy and break down many souls. And no need to hide the fact which is clear in front of us. Rather, looking for a solution seems to be a better idea than to drown in the chaos.

And there’s one thing music which lifts the moods of many at one go. Unless one has the right mental space, it becomes very difficult to survive such a horrid time. Sometimes hope is just the best tranquilizer. And music sets up that spark of hope like nothing else. Listening to some nice tunes can help one muster up the lost courage and bring back the lost freshness, which will help not just one person, but benefit many.

So those of you trying to find out something better to do and kill the adversaries of boredom, emotional conflict, and rise above everything must pay heed to this list of music. Some of the tracks you’ve not heard of before, and some of the bands as well, while some are already a top chart just need to be reminded again, but it’s time you just switch it in and have an experience like never before. Never compromise quality over quantity, soothing and divine lyrics over petty buzzing ones. Keeping the same in mind, here’s a list for you. Have a look:

Rock and roll- Joker

Sometimes the most negative of characters can also instill a positive light if one has the eye to pick up the goodness. Joker is one character that resonates with everyone, and to admit the truth, at times looks quite liberating as well. And especially when he puts on his attire and walks towards the lift in the shade of Joker, this music just creates the best vibe possible. Just let go of your robes and worries and as you enter to take a bath, turn this track on and come out all new and fresh.

La La Land Soundtrack

What do you recall when you hear this name? The Oscar snub? Nah! It should be remembered for what it was. A classic of its kind which no one attempts any more. And of course, the music. It’s what the movie is about, right. I’ll mention three of these.

  • Another day in the sun
  • Someone’s in the crowd
  • City of Stars

There’s no way after listening to these tracks, you’re not going to want to come to your balcony and shake your leg a little. These tracks take you in a kind of déjà vu, that it’s always been me- the funky, chill person that was lost somewhere along the road.

Dropkick Murphys

As they say, swing and celebrate like the Irish. And there’s one band which leads the pack. Dropkick Murphys just have the frequency to send electric shocks down everyone’s spines. Have a look at these tracks

  • I’m shipping up to Boston
  • Rose Tattoo
  • The state of Massachusetts
  • Johnny, I hardly knew ya
  • The Warrior’s Code

There’s enough arsenal present in these tracks to send you on fire. It can give you a new attitude to live life with.

Some other tunes of the English tracks that you might find interest in

Pirates of the Caribbean

Last of the Mohicans

Braveheart soundtrack

Now, enough with the English tunes and let’s enter a world of Hindi and Sufi diaspora. Believe me, you can rock and roll to the tunes of the above-mentioned tracks but these are the real songs that will touch your soul immensely. Have a look

Patakha Gudi- Highway

One of the rare gems of Bollywood, and the rarest gem in the world of music, this song- Patakha Gudi. Sung by none other than one of the fiercest Sufi voices of Nooran Sisters. When you’ve lost your way, just plug in this track and as it ends you’ll find your guilt going down the drain.

Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café

Now, this might be a new one for you. But in their way, this band is at the threshold of creativity. Who would have thought that Kabir could be sung in such a unique and a different manner? Giving a completely different outlook to the world of Kabir songs, blending the rock and divine, this band presents the music to you in such a way that you’ll find yourself immersed completely, and you won’t even know when you started dancing. They sing only the verses of Kabir. You must go through their tracklist.


Moko Kahan dhoonde re bande

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni

Halke gaadi hanko

Bhala hua mori mala tuti


Kabir Amritvani

This band is a different world altogether. You won’t find anything like this. Do check it out.

Coke Studio

This music platform assembles the finest of voices and the best of musical instruments. It’s a treat for the music itself. Check out the following playlist of Coke Studio. These are the best picks. Now you might consider yourself a modern fellow and avoid listening to such tracks, but don’t get stuck at the name. If you give it a try, it’s like an addiction. You won’t like to listen to any other dumb lyrics.

Aik Alif

Lagi bina & Chal mele nu


Chaap Tilak

Tu mane ya na mane dildara

Piya ghar aya

Allah Hoo

Find these and then let’s see how can you get over their hangover.

Nadaan Parinde- Rockstar

It has the Sufi touch of the great Jalaluddin Rumi. Don’t listen to the tune of it, don’t listen to the music of it or even the voice of the singer. Just pay attention to the lyrics, and you’ll get immersed in it completely.

Moh moh k Dhaage- Monali Thakur

It’s not an unseen fact that the quality of Hindi songs, Bollywood music keeps on degrading, but still, it has the quality of producing gems such as this one. The singer won a National Award for the song. And it’s a must one to listen to.

Laal Ishq- Ram Leela

I don’t want to waste many words on explaining the beauty of this track. You’ll find when you get tuned to it. It’ll be in your head for many many days.

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