Movies that give you a new vision of life


Once in a while you must get away from the usual entertainment crap, and involve yourself into some valuable and meaningful stuff. And there are number of movies made like that, which can help you out. Movies that are beyond words, and provide you insights into the higher aspects of life, movie that give you a sense of calmness, peace and introduce you to a whole different world of spirituality, meditation and some mysticism as well. These words may have gotten maligned these days, but that doesn’t change the beauty of them. Here’s a list of some of those movies which can really take you into another world, and who knows you might end up following the same path after watching these:

  1. 7 years in Tibet

This movie is based on the experiences of an Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer in Tibet between 1944 and 1951 during world war 2. It is based on the book of the same name. It stars Brad Pitt and David Thewlis as the lead roles and it also throws light on the Chinese invasion of Tibet. This movie takes us to an adventure that should not be missed. Some amazing views of Tibet and how this adventurer tells the tale of not just his physical journey but also how he got transformed and became a totally different man. Tibet actually does that to you. It was completely destroyed by China and not a single nation protested against that, this movie also sheds light on the turmoil that the innocent Tibetans had to go through. How the young Lama had to escape, all the human emotions have been shown quite beautifully and it’s a treat to watch.

  • Fearless

Do not miss this one. It is a highly recommended one. It is not just a martial arts movie if you are thinking about that. It’s way more than that. The storyline of this movie is just tremendous. It’s about a martial arts warrior who just likes to conquer and win. But as you know life doesn’t just allow that. If it has decided to transform you, it will make you go through suffering and troubles. And that’s what happens to Jet Li in this movie. After he lost everything, he was able to see the picture with clean eyes. It will definitely leave an impact on you.

  • The Peaceful Warrior

This movie is based on the novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. And it matches the quality of its name. Such a delight to watch. The story of a gymnast who got introduced to man full of wisdom, who starts guiding him and changes his life completely. When you watch this movie, every single dialogue is a world in itself. It makes you want to think and change. And there’s no way you wouldn’t want to get up and achieve something fruitful after watching this incredible film. Do keep it in your list

  • Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring

Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring is a South Korean film that is just different; different from what you have seen so far in your life. Just like the same, it tells the tale or journey of a human being from his childhood to his old age and how he encounters and handles different forces of nature that involves emotions, sexuality, guilt, fear. It’s set on a floating monastery where a Buddhist master and a little child lives. And different seasons pass, the child grows up and the master applies his own techniques to transform him.

  • Samsara

There are two movies with this name. One is the Samsara of 2011 and one is the Samsara of 2001. The 2011 edition is just a picturesque tale, but the 2001 movie is a proper film. And what a film it is. Not many people have seen it, but even if you find a single one who has seen it, you’ll see just hear praise for this movie. Such a beautiful movie that again is about the journey of a human being, in this case the journey of a Buddhist meditator. How he decides to experience everything in life after meditating.

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