Game of Thrones: The Show That Addicted us for 8 Years


Yes! So don’t believe. Just watch it with your own eyes. Though it’s futile to say this, but still if there is someone alive who’s living under a rock who’s yet to see this phenomenon, then don’t believe, just watch it, and you’ll know. It stirred people’s hearts, not just with the swords, but the dialogues that came out of the characters. The show begins and carries the beginning to the next level of beauty with such a sweet pace, that one never gets bored.

And the one most important thing this show taught us, and it’s a fruitful life lesson,

“Anyone can die any moment”, so live and live totally.

This instilled such fears and excitement in the hearts of the audience, and that’s what made this show different than the rest. You just couldn’t predict what was coming. Even if you could, still it gave such a chilling effect to it that it was still worth it. Besides writing and various others aspects involved in the making of the show and turning it into one of the greatest ever, it was the characters that became defining statures in the show. From Tyrion’s philosophical quotes to Cersei’s cool negativity, hound’s brawl moments to Arya’s warrior-like fights, every little moment mattered in it.

Let’s take a bigger look into the show’s most capturing characters.


When Benjencomes to join Ned at Winterfell in their celebration upon the arrival of the king, Jon was practicing his sword while the rest were dining upon their feast. And he just wanted to fight, and be a warrior, and do that for the rest of this life. And that’s how he ended up in the show. Born a warrior, lived a warrior and then went off as a warrior.

Though he learned the lesson that war does not lead to any good, but always ready to stand up and not go down without a fight

And in the words of the worst negative character Ramsay

Jon: There’s no need for a battle. Thousands of men don’t need to die. Only one of us. Let’s end this the old way. You against me.

Ramsay: (chuckling) I keep hearing stories about you, bastard. The way people in the North talk about you, you’re the greatest swordsman who ever walked.

Maybe he was. But he always found a way out. He battled, and battled his way out, somehow always returned. And in the end who would have though he would end up that way, from where he began.

So Ygritte was right

  • Daenerys Targaryen

She became the biggest reason for all the backlash that the show suffered. People loved her strong character, and contrary to all the traditions, she emerged as the breaker of all chains of her path, and established an entire kingdom on her own. She began with Khal Drogo and even imbibed some of his courage. Boy, what a character Khal was. They had to kill him, otherwise he would have killed all and finished the show in one season.

But the way she emerged and the way the writers sent her downhill all of a sudden, was quite a shock for many.

She took a stand for her, and inspired many with her free speech and dragon like attitude, with of course dragons by her side.

  • Tyrion Lannister

And now the people’s choice. My favorite and everyone else’s favorite. The one that made the show unique, and with his powerful dialogues instilled some great teachings into it. Just have a look at some of these:

It’s no surprise that Peter Dinklage has won a record Emmys for his performances. There could not have been a better choice for that role other than Peter.

And the trial speech, the final speech, and all the other speeches just made him the most watchable character to listen to. Tyrion made us laugh, and that’s the biggest factor that he had. With his witty ways, he managed to survive all the eight seasons and added a different flavor to the show.

  • Arya Stark

In the episode The Long Night the show was still going good, and no one was able to predict how it would end. Despite the hint given by the red woman when she said you’d end blue eyes too. And when the moment finally came, it was so heartening and pleasant to see Arya killing the night King. The show makers proved that way that she’s the greatest fighter in the show.

And all that started with the many faced guy. Oh! He was so good. And that training period was one of the greatest periods of the show. Giving Arya the right eyes, so she could realize that she is one of the fiercest warriors.

And indeed she was. Be it her sparring session with Brienne, or when she begins during The Long Night, every time she shows us her immense caliber of taking down her opponents.

  • The Hound

What about this one! The one who literally doesn’t give a shit about anything.

And he never gave one. That is the level of disregard he had for everyone. Except for two. One Arya Stark and the other his brother- The Mountain.

The show ended his character perfectly. Despite his fear of fire, he realized the only way to do it was to overcome it. And the only way to overcome it was to enter into it. And when it comes to killing his brother, he’d even walk into hell. And he did. Gave up his life, because he hated his brother more than he loved his own life.

The backlash and the hatred at the end of the show

People are simply not accepting the feat of the show. Demands of remaking the entire last season and hiring new writers, all have been shouted at. Petitions have been signed by the people. Was it so bad?

I guess the only flaw was that the makers were not able to fill the spaces correctly. There are these big moments, and there are the spaces that need to be filled, building and leading up to those big moments. The big moments of the show were absolutely amazing. The sudden change of Daenerys was the best, because that’s how human beings are. People want to draw boundaries and divide everything into right and wrong. But that’s not how nature works. It takes only a moment for a good person to turn into a bad one. The only problem was the build-up. And another thing missing was Jon Snow v the night king. That was a major flaw. People have been waiting for that moment for so long. But all in all it was still good. I mean it’s Game of Thrones. One of the best things that ever happened.

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