FRIENDS: The Magic Spell They Created and What It Teaches us About Life


If you’re born on this planet, there’s no way that you must have not heard of this sitcom. Various other sitcoms and TV shows exist and have been attempted, a few on the same lines as friends, but no one has been able to create the kind of magic this show has cast upon people. Started in 1994, this show had a total of 10 seasons, with each season having 24 episodes except the last one. For ten years it engulfed the audience with its presence before putting an end to it finally in the year 2004.

People have been related to this show like no other one. All its characters resemble each one of us, and all their affairs, activities, situations, make us feel present with them, in their shoes. As if it’s not happening with them, but just our lives going in. Many other shows like The big bang theory, How I met your mother have tried in their own way to continue the work. They’re all good shows, but the explosion, the reality, and the vibe that friends have created are just irreplaceable. It’s like in the heads that it sings along like a tune.

Now if you have or even if you haven’t, here’s a description of its leading characters, and some of their famous dialogues that will take you back in time or just put a smile in your face. And not to forget, some of the lessons they teach us in life.

  1. Ross

I had to start with Ross. No other option. No one even comes close. Ross is the most underrated actor in the show. And not provided with a lot of funny dialogues and scenes. But whenever he had his moments, he was on top of everything. No other character in the show makes us laugh so hard as the expressions and physical acts of Ross. Whether it’s his leather pants, or face tan, or dating a young girl, or even when he’s ‘fine’, he’s given us the best memes. And sometimes, it’s good to be wise like Ross.

  • Phoebe

Talk about the acting prowess, the variety, and Phoebe is the leading actor in that sphere. She had to play such a wide range of scenes and personalities. From singing to playing the entire role keeping the hippie traits on. She just nails it, or shall I say ‘yells’ it. When she creaks her voice loud, everyone has to listen. I mean the only one who made even Monica forget about her organizational skills for a moment. She teaches us so many things. Her hippie lifestyle just makes her completely carefree and living the moment completely.

  • Chandler

Now comes the most lovable character of the show. “C’mon Chandler, say something funny,” that’s what everyone expects from him. He’s always ready with a punchline. And I don’t care if he used it at a defensive mechanism due to his family. Thank god for his parents to turn out that way. Chandler delivers some of the best punchlines and jokes on the show. And you must’ve heard a little incident in the life of Matthew Perry playing the role of Chandler. He used to just laugh in his school days and do nothing else. His teacher once asked him, “Do you think you can just live like that always? You can’t just expect to crack jokes and make something out of them in your life.” So when he won an award for friends, he wrapped up the certificate and sent it to the same teacher. That’s Chandler for you. And not just with the jokes, who can forget those cool dances which can make everyone just flat. I mean not in a flattering way, but of course, due to laughing out loud. So let’s raise it up for Chandler ‘Muriel’ Bing.

  • Joey

What quality is it that we look at someone on a TV show. Of course, the ability to make us laugh. But in the case of our Mr. Joey, it’s the food that he eats. Now for one, we know Joey doesn’t share food, and for another, Tribbianis may not be fast runners or world leaders, but damn it, they can it. There’s one great thing that Joey teaches us. No matter what, your innocence is more important than your knowledge. Never lose that at any cost. You can live joyfully without worrying about how ‘technically’ sound your life is.

  • Rachel

What else do we want when Jennifer Anniston plays a role? One can just look at her and forget everything else. She’s produced a lot of witty moments on the show. The best of them come with Ross. “I hate Ross, I love Ross,” it just goes on. She’s a girl who has taken a big step in her life by running away from her marriage because she loved her life more than spoiling it forever by taking a wrong decision. On her own, slowly she starts to build herself and finds success in her life. One must take a jump in insecurity like she did. Life will find a way for you.

  • Monica

You know, Monica taught us a lot of lessons for the time that we are living in. It’s all about cleanliness today. And who better at it than Monica. She’s loud, she’s aggressive, she doesn’t mind if you hate her for being that way. She isn’t a cook, but more importantly, she’s herself. People find a reason to raise fingers on the masculine and feminine habits of people and she’s the one character who doesn’t really bother about being manly when the time requires. And there’s no way you can defeat her in a game. All of them present not just a character but a real human living inside all of us. One thing which this show tells us is we just don’t have to worry. Just act as they did. Consider your life to be a comedy series going on like this. Why worry when you’re just playing a character on the show.

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