BODY, DIET AND GYM: The myth of six-pack abs


Do you feel you need to do any of these following things;

  • Need to lose weight-a dietary plan
  • I look so weak, need to gain weight
  • I want a huge body similar to bodybuilders
  • I need to keep myself fit, I should probably start going to gym

And if you are considering to take any steps in order to make some changes in your body, then you must be aware of the working dynamics of your body. What it needs, how much it needs, how many times does it need, and the most pertinent question of them all- what exactly is an ideal body?

Have you ever thought about the long term implications of the kind of activity that you have decided to engage your body into? If you really want to know the answer, you should spend some time in the company of old age people. Every part of their body hurts. They constantly need someone to hold them as can’t sit, stand, move, sleep without making this grumpy albeit funny sound of Ahhhhhhhh! You should start practicing that too because that’s where your future lies as well. The way you sit, stand, sleep, walk, eat, drink right now will determine the outcome of your bodily efficiency in old age. So you better start making a plan right now!

And when you decide to take care of your body, the first thing that comes to your mind is gym. But is it worth it? Will it keep you fit?

You get impressed by looking at the bodies of actors, models, body-builders, wrestlers, but have you ever looked into their life as well. Most of them suffer from diseases like cancer, mental disorders, dislocated parts etc. In India there’s a saying about wrestlers that they die a very bad death, most of their time in their later period if spent lying on the bed crying for pain.

So what could be the ideal definition of fit? Going to the gym, maintaining good physique to impress others, or simply doing nothing at all. There’s one word ‘ease’- and that is what defines your state of fitness. If you are at ease at the level of your body and mind, then you are fit. But to reach to that ease is not easy, and it won’t happen unless you move yourself, shake yourself and do the right thing. People get so anxious when someone raises the issue of being fit. “Oh my God!”, now I have to do so many things, that’s the most common reaction. But I’ll tell you it’s just a matter of 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t take more than that to keep yourself fit. And not just that you can make a “cool” looking body as well without even going to the gym. Wrong breathing patterns and lifting weights may cause a lot of damages to the body, it completely disturbs your energy system and result into various problems including physical, mental and sexual.

So you don’t need to go through so much trouble. Just 2 things are required;

  1. A 30 minute daily workout
  2. Good diet plan

And that’s it- being fit is just a matter of 2 steps. Yes! just 2 steps if you are ready to break your prejudiced definitions of fit and manly workout and include a bit of yoga in your life. In the minds of most of the young people, there’s a myth that yoga is for old people. Well the statistics seem to differ a lot. Yoga breathing helps not just clearing out the inside mess but also builds up the body as well. It enhances the charm on your face as well. And if you are too lazy to go to the gym, it’s better to take this 30-minute workout.

Just a few stretching exercises of 15 minutes that are easily available on youtube. And a couple of yogic breathing exercises including bhrastika, kapalbhati, anulomvilom and the job is done. Another very important point that you need to take care of is your posture. If you keep your spine well, then your body cannot be troubled by anything- doesn’t matter what your age is. Don’t lie down like a slouch potato and try to sit with a good erected posture. Remember, all the problems associated with your bodily aches and pains is due to wrong posture of sitting. Make it a mantra- keep your spine straight.

When it comes to diet, it varies from person to person. Every body works in a different way and everyone has to figure it out on their own. But that doesn’t mean that you should give yourself the freedom to eat just about anything and everything. A bowl of soaked gram does wonders to your body. And you should make sure that 50 percent of your diet includes fruits. Avoid eating extra spicy-snack food. Once in a while it’s alright. But not on an everyday basis.

This is a matter of your understanding that looking cool is not important than staying at ease. A balance is required where physical, mental every aspect is covered. The body has an energy structure as well which can be maintained only with a workout that includes some breathing practices as well. Even if you’re at gym, start with stretching and end with breathing. If you give yourself 30 minutes every day and keep your diet in balance you don’t need to worry about losing or gaining weight. You will be fit and that’s more important than any of the imposed notions about how the body should look.

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