All The Solutions For Long Hair


You can get all your problems regarding long hair sorted out and that too without spending anything. From straightening them out to getting rid of frizzy hair everything can easily done by applied very simple home remedies. If one wants to take a step forward and grow long hair, he can with the help of very simple hair masks which can be easily obtained at your home. It’s that easy to take care of your hair. Those who think that it will a burden and will get difficult for them to maintain their long hair, they are having a very wrong impression about their body. Because it’s quite contrary to what they think. They don’t need to spend much from their pocket. Very simple home-made packs can be made using very common household items.

Home-made hair packs

A common pack that acts as a base for all the packs and quite beneficial for various aspects of your hair. Hair growth mainly depends on the amount of protein that the hair receives and this pack has abundance of that.

Egg-lemon mixture for hair

Take one egg, and stir the yolk and white in a bowl with a spoon. But use one egg completely. Then add half a lemon to it. It will help keep the smell off and give hair a much shinier look. Mix it completely and then slowly apply it on your hair, massaging it slowly. Apply the complete mixture and then wait for 3,4 hours. Let that settle in your hair completely. After 3-4 hours wash your hair with water-not so hot, not so cold- don’t use any soap or shampoo for your hair. After that let your hair dry. Don’t comb them unless they are completely dry.

Egg-lemon-coconut oil/castor oil mixture for frizzy hair

One more ingredient that you can add to your mixture, if you your hair gets frizzy is either coconut oil or castor oil or even almond oil. It helps a lot in getting your frizzy hair settle and make it really smooth and silky.

Milk shower to straighten your hair out

Wash your hair using full toned milk. First boil it and then let it get cool completely. It has to be cold. Then either spray it or massage with it. Apply it completely. Then using a comb start straightening your hair. Your hair must be strong and thick for that. Use above packs first and then to straighten your hair out you can do this. Then slowly comb your hair with the milk on it. It will straighten them. Leave your hair for a while after combing them. Then you can wash them with water. Don’t use any soap or shampoo.

Additional tips for hair

  • Don’t immediately comb your hair after taking a shower or washing them. You will lose a lot of hair.
  • Let your hair dry on their own after washing them. Better not to use dryer for that purpose.
  • It is better to not apply oil every day on your hair. When you oil your hair the day you want to wash them, it gives much better results.
  • Comb your hair every day. Not much fancy things need to be done with your hair. But combing them daily will keep them in good shape. If you comb after a couple of days, your hair will fall which decreases the thickness.
  • Eating healthy food and doing proper exercises and yoga also help in the hair growth. Add fruits, nuts, vegetables, proteins to your diet and do some pranayama, it helps in boosting up the vitality and energy which helps in your hair grow.

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