Adventure Locations in India to Satiate your Adrenaline


Have you seen movies like ‘Wild’, ‘Into the Wild’? One shows the story of a young woman deciding to go on a trek to find new hope in her life, shedding her old skin of misery. Along the way, she rediscovers herself and comes out all-new in the end. In the other story, a guy who has a very deep profound love for nature and adventure chooses the path to be outside in the open world than to live a constipated life of the corporate world.

Both of these movies highlight two things. One is to live a life of passion and adventure. And the other is to prove that you’re really ‘young’. Because most of the youth is just young on paper. But the reality is that they have grown prematurely old with no sense of wonder and creativity inside.

To feed your inherent hunger for adventure, here are a few spots for your help which provides you a wide range of adventurous activities.


If you are a snowboard enthusiast, then Gulmarg is the place to be. It is the best ski destination in India. It is situated in the Pir Panjal range in the western Himalayas. Skiing is one of the best activities for people who love adventure. It gives you immense pleasure to just speed downhill on the slopes. Gulmarg is blessed with plenty of snow. Along with skiing, you can enjoy the best Gandola ride here. Gulmarg provides the second-highest gondolas in the world. These adventurous activities in Gulmarg will make your trip worthwhile.


Every adventurer should try paragliding once in his lifetime. And Bir Billing is the best place to try this adventurous sport. Bir billing is the land where humans fly. It is situated in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The thought of flying up above in the sky will give you adrenaline rush first, but once you dare to do this you can enjoy the scenery of this place from up above. Paragliding is one of the best ways to explore this town. Paragliding is one of the craziest sports to practice. You surely will create some good memories from this place by doing this activity that will give a lot to cherish for your entire lifetime.


Rishikesh is situated in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. You can enjoy plenty of adventure packed experiences here. One of the best activities to experience the serenity of nature is the white river rafting. It is a tremendously fun activity. If you are bored from lands then try your hand in water fun. River rafting will give you the chance to admire the natural beauty along the banks of the river. There is another activity you can practice to relive your adrenaline rush i.e. Bungee Jumping. You surely will have the thrilling experience when you jump off from the great heights with a rope tied to you. Rishikesh has a lot to offer. The other activities you can practice here are Flying Fox, Cliffing, Kayaking, Hiking, etc.


Manali to Leh bike trip will surely give you the memories to cherish for a lifetime. This trip is a must for motorcycle enthusiasts as for them pushing to the extremes is a pleasure in itself.  The beauty of the mountains and the cool breeze will give you immense soothing pleasure. Manali-Leh road trip will reward you with some of the most amazing views en route. Although the distance between Manali and Leh is roughly 472km it takes approximately three days to cover this trip as one has to take rest in between. This bike riding will make your trip worthwhile.


Andaman island is full of lush green forests and sandy beaches. This island lures tourists with its beauty. You can relax on the sandy beaches or you can practice adventurous activities here. Scuba diving is one such breathtaking activity which will help you to explore the exotic underwater world. The colorful marine life and the coral reefs here are exhilaratingly varied. It will give you a thrilling and chilling experience.


Ladakh is a paradise on Earth. It is tucked between two mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram. It has a divine culture and beautiful monasteries. You can enjoy trekking and camping here. One of the most difficult and challenging treks of Ladakh is the Chadar trek. It is a six-day long trek on the frozen Zanskar river. As the river is covered with snow, that’s why it is known as the ‘Chadar trek’. You can feel the ice from beneath and it will feel like heaven.

Uttarakhand- mountain climbing

If you’re a mountain lover and ice and snow seem to be your paradise, then Uttarakhand is one of the best places to travel. Especially if you have a knack for mountain climbing. It could be for any reason. You just want to have some fun and try it once in your lifetime, so just for the heck of it. Or you are a professional mountain climber and wish to keep imprinting your footsteps atop different mountains. The Himalayas provide the best opportunity for you. And in Uttarakhand, you can find several peaks and mountains for the same purpose.

Kedarnath Peak

If there’s one big name that sounds distinct from everything else, then it is Kedarnath. A mountain climber stays poor if he has not witnessed the glory of the Kedarnath. This peak falls in the Gharwal Himalayas in the Gangotri region. It is situated at a height of 6992m. You’ll also find the beauty of the Gangotri glacier. It’s a must for your adventure.

Nainital and Mussoorie

The entire state of Uttarakhand has some remarkable places to offer. It’s truly a heaven for adventure seekers and lovers. Nainital and Mussoorie provide another opportunity if you’re looking to have some trekking and rock climbing sessions. Tiffin’s top and Naini peak are some popular trekking destinations in Nainital. While rock climbing is one of the most prominent activities that take place in Mussoorie. Something to give you the adrenaline rush like nothing else. Buranskhanda is one of the popular locations for the sport.

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