A little peak into your dreams


Who doesn’t get excited when it comes to their dreams. Everyone remains quite curious, and some even create their own fallacies around it, some look up in some religious book- what happens if I see this in the dream? If someone sees a little, they give wings to it and make a huge deal out of this. And of course, many can be found in the society, hankering over how they saw a godly figure descending down from heaven, touching their forehead and blessed them. Various kinds of stuff, different stories gobbling up. Even the mood of the person can change according to the kind of dreams he had last night. Ever wondered, there could be science behind it. Not just modern science, but ancient scriptures that deal with the functioning of human mind and body also gives a lot of information regarding the dreams and awakening state of human beings.

Here you’ll find a little insight into these.

It has many aspects to it. Human being is a very sophisticated machine and one needs to delve into it really deeply to find out its answers.

If one wants to know about poetry, then one follows the great poets of all time, similarly for music, painting, novels etc.

And when it comes to life where do we look at?

Our idols are either celebrities or a cricketer, a footballer, a boxer; are these people really worth following! Maybe in their fields they matter, but when it comes to life we need to look up to those people who have reached the highest peak that one can reach, but we refuse to do that.

So, this question can’t be answered without bringing in spirituality in the foray.

And this is not some magic, or superstition, but it is the reality. As RamanaMaharshi says,

“Rationalists scorn it, and atheists laugh at it, but it exists.”

Let’s discuss it from two point of views,


The most significant name in the history of human mind is Sigmund Freud. What Einstein did in science, he did in human mind. He revealed the layers of human mind, two of the most significant are Conscious and Unconscious.

10% is conscious and 90% is unconscious. Example: If we are watching TV and we fall asleep, then whatever is running on TV will automatically get recorded in our unconscious. If we are hypnotized, then what we saw can be extracted. Not just that, we can reveal anything from our past through our unconscious. When most people see ghosts, it is just their unconscious fears projecting in front of their eyes.

Example: A little child is afraid of his parents, because they threaten him with many things,sometimes in fun and sometimes real. Even when they grow up they are not afraid of the person walking on the street, but they are scared to face their parents because the fear of the little child is still there in their unconscious. And today the technology is all around us, so we pick up a lot of stuff from the internet and multiply our imagination to freak ourselves out.

In Yoga there are 4 states of the mind:

  1. Jagruti
  2. Swapna
  3. Sushupti
  4. Turiya

When we are awake that is jagruti- walking, sitting, eating, all the activities we perform while we are awake

When we are asleep, the dreams that we see is swapna

A mixture of awake and sleep is sushupti, most of the inventions of the scientists are in this state of the mind. Example: Einstein discovered his theory while having a bath in the tub. When someone is working for a very long period of time over something and nothing fruitful comes out of it and he decides to stop it and just relax, that relaxation brings forward something tremendous…many scientists have discovered stuff like this

And the last state of turiya is a state beyond mind…it is the state of no mind, the state of samadhi one can say.

Some studies say that actually human beings need dreams more than they need sleep, because they are in such miserable state that if they don’t dream then they won’t be able to live at all, and sleep provides them with dreams. And as far as 3 am is concerned…this time in yoga is called brahma muhurta…because of the upsurge of the energies it is considered conducive for meditation. And some people often get up at 3 am, not with any alarm, but they are sensitive enough to feel the change…so even if dreams wake us…we should meditate.

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