A Dark Reality of the TV Shows


Have you been binge watching a web series or planning to do so? What is the criterion of your selection? Is it the critics? Or the reviews from the audience? Ratings on the internet? The popular view? The entertainment factor?

What is it that makes you select your show? Have you ever thought about any of the factors above or is it obvious for you to choose based on one of the above mentioned criteria? But have you ever thought of the true quality of what it means to perform the art of acting? Is it just choosing any kind of crap you are given and then hide behind the fact that you are an actor.

Let’s take the example of a movie called Gangs of Wasseypur. Now this movie is considered to be a classic cult. And no doubt from the viewpoint of movie-making it is. But what about the stuff that is in the film. What else is it other than abusing, killing, stabbing, shooting? Then what drives people to watch it and then praise as if it’s the best art there is. Can it be even considered to be called as an ‘art’?

And now it’s the time of web series. Some Netflix thing is always going on. If you look at the American shows, more than 90-95% is based on drugs, narcotics, crime, police, murder. Is there anything else wonderful happening in that country? Then show us on the screen, if there is! And now Indians think it’s time to replicate the same. Because a good show is one which consists of killing, killing and killing and to fill the killings, you put up some stupid story in it.

And if you think, what else is there to show? Then what about these ones:

  1. Upanishad Ganga

2. Malgudi Days

3. Chandrakanta

4. Betaal Pachisi

5. Bharat ek khoj

6. Byomkesh Bakshi

7. Udaan

It’s quite surprising to see how sharp the decline is. Now what you see above is pure ‘art’. This is classic. But unfortunately it could not become cult, and was lost forever. And now after many years of stupid TV serials in India, finally there’s a chance when something wonderful can be created, because people have realized the mediocrity of what was going on before, and they looked at how unique the English shows are. It is good to take the idea of making a good show from there. But not the story. You don’t have to put the same things just because they are doing it. A few good ones can be made like Breaking Bad, Game of thrones. These shows provide a touch of uniqueness. Breaking bad is not just a crime show. If you watch it, you’ll know how many different aspects of life can be seen in it. Making a series that centers around crime is not the way to go. If someone takes up a different center, and then maybe has to show a bit of murder in it, no problem in that.

One can take the example of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. There’s a little series also made on the same. Now the major point, the center of the story is human guilt, not the murder. That’s a different way to do it.

Two more examples can be taken of a few recently made series by National Geographic. One is Genius that features the story of Einstein, and another is Picasso.

It is the loss of human beings if they start making and get used to 3rd grade web series and films. It will be a step backwards in human intelligence and evolution. Like these days the youngsters often say that we don’t like to listen to classical music because it’s boring. No not because it’s boring, but because you have lost the intelligence to listen to it. It requires a certain ear, certain genius to even listen to classical music. Just like that all the other spheres are getting destroyed. The golden TV serials of Doordarshan are not attempted again, because we are losing our aesthetics, our intelligence to understand the high quality stuff.

Put a tag on your life, that it’s valuable. Then do not let it get in touch with crap. And the modern day Cinematic stuff is no less than that. It spoils the beauty of life. Is there no bright star in this country that can become the center of the screen? What about Kalidasa, Rabindranath Tagore, Sumitranandan Pant? What about our great novels like The God of Small Things, The white tiger, Wings of Fire by Abdul kalam? Is this nation short of great personalities that they have to go to some low grade gang leader to take inspiration from? The audience and the actors both must take this responsibility of refining this culture and let pure art regain its glory.

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