5 Bollywood movies that you must watch if you adore the art of movie-making


Hey movie buffs! We all know what the greatest mode of entertainment is. But just watching every ding-dang type of movies actually can lower your visionary power. Sometimes you just need to up the ante and get into some real artistic show. You can boost yourself up every week by watching some entertainment flick, but if you really want something to touch you, to transform you, to help you refresh yourself and delve into the meaningful aspects of life, then some masterpieces are required.

If you are into Hindi stuff more than any other, you should check out these absolutely stunning artworks of Bollywood. Believe me, you won’t regret it. It will definitely give you some food for thought in the end and may also leave you stunned as well. Check out the best 5.


It’s very likely that you have not even heard of this movie. But it’s the best of the best. Not only it gives a reality check of the prevalent prejudices against women and their condition in remote parts of the country, it also is a gem from movie-making point of view. Set in a remote part of Rajasthan it tells the tale of 3 women and 1 girl who set out on a journey of freedom after fighting against all the odds. Mustering enough courage to leave behind their customs, professions, husbands and creating a new life for themselves. This movie also hammers on some of the deep rooted morales that women are often subjected to. It will give you a new vibe to rediscover your life as well as it tells you how you can restart it anytime. Just a choice is required.

2. Highway

This you might have heard of. But if you’ve only heard about it and yet to watch it, I suggest you put it immediately in your watch-list. Definitely one of the top feel good movies. You would want to just fly away at the end of it. Alia Bhatt and RandeepHudda play their roles with the top efficiency and put on quite a show. Direction, cinematography, songs, everything is just perfect. You get a peak of the upper areas of Himachal as well. It is no doubt one of best life changing movies that one can see. Watching it and not getting inspired from it is not possible.

3. Ankhondekhi

Now if someone asks you to not believe and act until you have seen it with your own eyes, life would get pretty difficult for you. That’s how we are living our lives, believing somebody else’s truth and not exploring anything on our own. But there’s one character Sanjay Mishra in this superbly directed movie who would like the truth to be experienced by him first and then decide to act. It creates a lot of ripples as well but he still manages to work his life out. An entirely different narrative and perspective-not seen before. A must-see if you would like to watch something new.

4. Udaan

Udaan Movie

It’s quite ironical to say this but the biggest problem for youth in this nation is education. Yeah, education, shouldn’t be but that’s how it is. Education is supposed to help a child explore his true potential, but in this nation it makes sure that the child’s potential is never uncovered so he can be molded into the type of machine his family and society wants. This movie is about a teenager expelled from his school, who goes back to his violent father to end up in his factory and his dad refuses to let him pursue his love for poetry. Struggling, getting beaten up by father, fighting back, and one day finding that courage to take the boldest step of his life. It’s super inspirational.

5. Manto

Manto Movie

I have to include this in the list. Otherwise one of those rare instances where Bollywood makes a movie on the life of a great artist will be missed. All kinds of crap can be seen, but where are poets, writers, novelists, scientists, painters, musicians- all the artists. So this one here is one of them. The story of one of the greatest and controversial poets of his time Manto. I will not further say much about this one, just a simple yet bold movie, just like Manto’s life. How art should not be confined by the laws of the government and how badly politicians divide people-all this can be seen in this wonderful movie.

Do not miss any one of these films-make it your first priority. It’s only due to these great works that sometimes it still feels like the art of movie-making is alive.

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