4 Places You Must Visit if you are Lord Shiva Lover


There was a time when people who decided to go on a pilgrimage were respected like divine entities. Because there were no roads, no maps, no facilities, and in such security they would take this up in their life. They had to face difficulties and only few could reach their destinations, and the rest died on their way. This hard journey would completely change them, and when they returned they would be a completely different person- full of wisdom. Not everyone was qualified to undertake this journey, courage was the biggest requirement. And these days just a bus ticket is required. Because people have forgotten the meaning of these places.

This land has produced an entire science related to energy fields. And these pilgrimage places are pulsating with energy. But to make use of that energy, one needs to be meditative. Not everyone is qualified. And that affects the sanctity of these places. One must meditate for a few months before planning a visit there. Otherwise there’s no point in going, because it’s not going to help. Chanting and raising slogans in the name of Shiva is not what’s required there, you being completely empty is what’s required.

So if you have prepared yourself and are ready to go, these are the places which you should not miss. And especially if you are a devotee and you consider yourself as a great admirer and lover of Shiva.

  1. Kailash

Kailash is considered to be the most sacred of all places. It is considered to be the abode of Shiva. And if you visit this place, you will know it. It does not even matter if you are meditative or not, but such is the intensity of this place, that it will make you one. You cannot return without getting touched by the energy that thrives there. Whenever an enlightened being wants to leave his body, generally he leaves his energy in some mountain. And it’s said this is where Adiyogi left his and all the information related to mysticism. This is a library for all those who tread the spiritual path.

  • Kedarnath

Washed away by the flood in 2013, but still stands as completely unwashed and untouched. What resides there can never be washed away by anything. But again you have to be meditative to know that. If you are not, there’s no point in going believing that Shiva will keep a track that you visited. That’s not going to happen. Himalayas are the youngest of all mountains in the world. And that is how a mountain adjusts itself. It is just that people are in its way. And another reason for that, nature does not want this planet to end. So it keeps a check on the population that way. More and more such natural events are going to happen if humans don’t control the population themselves.

About the place, it’s said that Shiva used to live in the KantiSarovar(the lake that burst during the floods) with Parvati, and the Saptarishis used to live in Kedarnath. Once you reach the top, you’ll forget all the fatigue and a new freshness dawns over you.

  • Kashi

This city is considered to be around 12000-15000 years old. One of the most ancient cities of the world. The legend says that Shiva used to live here after he got married. And consecrated this place into a powerful energy space. You will know this if you have visited the place. Such vibrations, such energy is in the air of Kashi. Travelling from the Himalayas this is the place to come to. Buddha also gave his first sermons in Kashi.

  • Velliangiri

Velliangiri is known as Kailash of the South. Also Isha foundation center is located here. Graced by the presence of Sadhguru itself, and the history of Shiva makes this place a must one to trek to. The beauty of these places is that are difficult but not impossible to trek, similar to the journey of life. This mountain is also known as Seven Hills. Various yogis came down and practiced their austerities and meditations in this place which makes this place as vibrant and sacred as the rest of the places. You must plan a trek to this place. It’s a beautiful place and also makes you feel good along the way.

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