21st century: An era of shaping the new world


The dawning century or the already dawned one and set to enter the new sphere of noon has offered a lot, brought a lot, and has been one of the defining time periods of the human history. This period of transition has a different taste to it compared to any other epochs of modern history of man. A rather more complicated one, it has provided a great deal of luxury and brought with itself a great confusion on the other hand as well. It has seen revolutions on the softer side, and has completely overhauled the old established patterns of the way we worked, and at the same time it has been one of the most questionable approaches as well. With all the jostling, rumble-tumble, the debates surrounding boon or bane, the reality of the world is that it has changed and no more the same, and not seem to be going back even a bit. The only way is the way forward, with a vision of the future, that has been the trademark of this century. And if sustained with a proper model of development, it could turn out to be the best way forward.

Around 100 years ago, before the first world war broke out, the population of the world was around 1.6 billion and now it has reached the mark of 7.7 billion. Quite an achievement in a span of 100 years. This just shows the insecurity that followed after the wars and the complexes that nations took upon themselves, and from that emerged the approach of the new age, a competitive market and an ambitious financial growth. And thus began the expansion of the labor. With US and Russia engaged in a cold spat, and the former emerging a world superpower out of the two, the others joined the race of attaining that tag as well. China lead the way and India followed soon. And no wonder their populations grew rapidly to ensure the maximum labor, and thus optimum profit. So the world has been transforming itself from a feudal agricultural society to a modern industrial society. And India is in the same transition mode. Though due to the depleting environment coming into the foray, the approach might night to be altered to some extent.


This word stands out alone than any of the hundreds combined together. One of the great western mystics and thinker George Ivanovich Gurdjieff used to point out the “chief characteristic” of man. If one has to choose the same “chief characteristic” of the 21st century, then no other word occupies the position better than technology. Technology has been the main difference between this age and its preceding ages. With the computers, the internet, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, this age has given something so unique and wonderful to people that no one could ever imagine that these things were even possible. And these inventions make this generation the most materialistically secure and comforting.

Finance and Economy

Another remarkable change that has occurred in the way we live is our economic system. The way we used to handle our finances and deal with our transactions is completely changed. Due to various technological advantages and variations the cash has been replaced a lot by digital transactions. The west part of the world and various Asian countries such as China and Japan have already transformed and adopted to the new age financing system, and India too is not far behind, with already a digital revolution that started not too long ago. This has been a change that is often accepted gladly without much fuss around it as it reduced a lot human effort and labor and makes the transaction process a lot easier than it was ever before. Starting from the age of barter, entering into cash, and then transforming into a digital mode, the best has been done in this sector. The human heart may not have been able to create and effective communism, but the technology has given a new hope to create such a system where one can enjoy what he needs without have to sacrifice what he already has with the help of a transaction system that does not demand much other than a few clicks.

Health of the 21st century

With the rest of the areas sounding quite healthy- the finance, technology, trade, business, money, one area which is lagging behind all is the health of humans. Though this may be the most comforting generation in terms of all other luxuries concerned, but it’s turning out to be the unhealthiest as well. And the effect is not just on the body, but the mind has taken a toll big time. The anxiety levels are soaring high and with this all the rest of the achievements could easily go down the drain. The most advanced and developed nation on the planet- United stated of America consumes the most number of medicines and over 50 percent of its population is on some kind of medication which involves anti-depressants as well. That tells the story of the most important aspect being completely ignored by the most influential generation of people. No one had even heard of the allergies before that people have today as a result of their lifestyle. And India is not very behind in that aspect. It is also one of the most diseased nations in the world.

A data suggests that during 1960s and 70s what a normal patient of anxiety had, today an average college student has that level of mental suffering. That definitely cannot be considered as a very nicely organized way of suffering. Considering that aspect, the debate of boon or bane often remains relevant and this could actually be correct. With all the advancements available, it seems quite questionable why can’t a proper health order be maintained. With its proper consideration, this could turn out to be a heaven of a century, but if ignored could lead to a serious world disaster. All in all, the discussions go on and so do the advancements and experiments, and this age keeps on shaping and altering itself.

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